Worlds First Multiplayer Stock Market Game Using Real Money


What is this?
Stock Stream is the worlds first cooperative multiplayer stock market game using real money.

Is this really using real money?
Yes. Anyone can vote in the Stock Stream Twitch Channel on which stocks should be bought or sold. Trades are executed automatically using Robinhood.

How much money is available?
The account is funded with $50,000 though unfortunately, due to FINRA/SEC regulations, trading will halt if the account value falls below $25,000.

How do I play?
Visit the Stock Stream Twitch channel and see the HowTo below the video.

What stocks can be bought or sold?
Everything on Robinhood except for a few restrictions due to volatility or FINRA/SEC regulations.

How long will this continue?
This stream will run every day, while market is open. If the account value falls below $25,000, trading halts, and the game is over.

Created By Mike Roberts

Stock Stream is powered by Robinhood StockTwits Streamlabs and OBS Studio