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Winning Real Money with StockStream

Between January 17th and March 7th, 2018 Cheddar will be running a contest in which top performing players in StockStream will be rewarded with prizes.
Collectively, we're handing out thousands of dollars in prize money!
The guide below will explain the game and rules in detail. If you want to get started immediately, you only need to follow 3 simple steps.
  1. Read the Official Rules, by clicking here.
  2. Register your username by clicking here.
    You must complete this form. You will see a success message and get an email confirmation upon completion.
  3. Join the game by clicking here.

If you are having trouble signing up, click here to join the StockStream Discord where you may ask for help.


The prize pool is divided into two parts. The StockStream Weekly Challenge and the StockStream Sweepstakes.

The StockStream Weekly Challenge will run for 6 weeks, and each week, the top 5 players will collectively receive $225 in cash and 300 sweepstakes entries.

The StockStream Sweepstakes will take place at the end of the 6 weeks and total of $3,500 will be given to 3 sweepstakes winners.

StockStream Weekly Challenge

The StockStream Weekly Challenge will run on the following dates. Each week will feature a set of 5 winners based on their performance that week. Each winner of the Weekly Challenge will win a cash prize as well as a number of Entries into the StockStream Sweepstakes, with a chance to win up to $2,000! (details below).

Weekly Challenge Dates

Event Start Date End Date Winner Announcement
Weekly Challenge IJanuary 17thJanuary 23rdJanuary 24th
Weekly Challenge IIJanuary 24thJanuary 30thJanuary 31st
Weekly Challenge IIIJanuary 31stFebruary 6thFebruary 7th
Weekly Challenge IVFebruary 7thFebruary 13thFebruary 14th
Weekly Challenge VFebruary 14thFebruary 20thFebruary 21st
Weekly Challenge VIFebruary 21stFebruary 27thFebruary 28th
SweepstakesJanuary 17thFebruary 27thMarch 7th

Weekly Challenge Prizes

Winners of the Weekly Challenge will receive a cash prize as well as entries into the StockStream Sweepstakes. In the event of a tie, the cash will be split amongst the winners but each will receive equal Sweepstakes Entries.
Rank Cash Prize Sweepstakes
1st Place$100100 Entries
2nd Place$5080 Entries
3rd Place$2560 Entries
4th Place$2540 Entries
5th Place$2520 Entries

StockStream Sweepstakes

Winners of the Weekly Challenge will receive entries into the StockStream Sweepstakes. At the end of the Sweepstakes period a drawing will be held, and each player with entries will have a chance to win the following cash prizes.
Grand Prize$2,000
First Prize$1,000
Second Prize$500

How To Enter

To enter, click the button below and fill out the registration form. The contest is free to enter and open to legal residents of The United States and some parts of Canada. Other restrictions apply, please read the full rules on the registration page for more details.

How To Play

To play, visit the StockStream Twitch channel. StockStream is a voting-based stock market game. You may vote to buy or sell any stock by issuing !buy and !sell commands. At the end of each round, the votes are counted and the top voted command is executed. If you voted for the command that won the round, you gain influence on that purchase, and now have an open position.
During each Weekly Challenge, you must open at least 5 positions and close at least 5 positions to be eligible to win. Only stocks which cost more than $5 will qualify.
Your open and closed positions can be found on your profile page and eligible positions will be highlighted. Use the #w command in the chat to get a link to your page.

For a full tutorial on how to play StockStream click here.

How To Win

Players are ranked by realized percentage return. Your realized percentage return is calculated by computing the percentage return on the money you have spent and sold. Note that the amount you spent is the price of a stock divided by the number of players that voted along with you. For example, if two players vote to buy a stock worth $100, each player has spent $50. If that stock is sold for $102, each player has profited by $1 and therefore has a realized percentage return of 2%.

Things to remember

Only stocks whose purchase price is $5 or more will qualify.
You must open and close at least 5 positions each week to be eligible for the Weekly Challenge.
Only closed positions count towards your final score.

Ready to win some cash?