StockStream Tutorial

StockStream is a cooperative multiplayer stock trading game using real money. Below is a tutorial on how to get started playing.

The game is divided into rounds, each lasting between 10 minutes and 60 seconds. At the end of each round the game will count the votes and execute the trade which has the highest votes (or choose randomly in the case of a tie). Each round, one share is bought or sold. During each round, every player is allowed to vote one time, but you can change your vote anytime by voting again.


During each round, players can vote to buy or sell any stock and vote to speed up or slow down the game.

To increase the speed of the game clock by 30 seconds, vote:


To vote to slow down the game clock by 30 seconds, vote:



During each round you may vote to buy or sell a stock, and you can change your vote any time you'd like buy simply entering a new vote. You may only sell stocks that are in the Portfolio.

For example if you want vote to buy a share of Apple, you would type the command:

!buy aapl

Conversely, if you wanted to vote to sell a share of Apple, type the command:

!sell aapl

Once you cast your vote, you should see it show up in the right-hand side of the video.

At any time, you can see the price of a stock and how many shares are in the portfolio by using the ticker command. For example, to check Apple, enter the command:


Remember that anyone can vote to sell the stocks you voted for, so choose wisely!


If you voted for the command that won, then your username will be attached to that order and you'll now have an open position. You can see all your open positions on your profile page, which you can find by typing the !score command.

When your positions are closed, the game will calculate how much cash was made or lost from your vote. This cash is then added or subtracted from your wallet balance (see the next section for how to use your wallet).


Your #wallet contains all the cash that you earned from voting for stocks. You can use this cash to manage a private portfolio. Nobody can sell the stocks in your wallet except you, and profits you make trading in your wallet get added to your wallet. Another advantage of your #wallet is that orders are executed instantly.

To check your wallet balance, use the #w command. To place a trade in your wallet, you must specify the price you are willing to pay. For example if you wanted to buy a share of Apple for $175.35, you would enter the command:

#buy aapl 175.35

Wallet commands start with the # character.

Your wallet performance is not included in scoring calculations of contests or promotions.


The most important part of the game is deciding what stocks to buy or sell. Fortunately there are many resources available on the Internet to help you find some.

Below are a list of resources to get started playing the game:

Music and TV

StockStream TV is the box in the bottom center of the stream, on StockStream TV you can watch live news, listen to music, and see the latest headlines and tweets of the day. Anyone can change the channel, and anyone can broadcast to the TV.

!tv channels - This command will respond with a list of all the channels that are available.

!tv play - This command lets you vote to change the channel.

!tv add - Add your twitch channel to the TV. When you're live, your channel will show up in the !tv channels.

!tv remove - If you no longer want your twitch channel to be a part of StockStream TV

!tv off - Sick of watching TV? Want to enjoy some peace and quiet? Vote !tv off to turn off the !tv