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Honeywell International, Inc. is a software industrial company, which offers industry specific solutions to aerospace and automotive products and services. It provides aerospace products and services like, turbochargers control, sensing and security technologies for buildings and homes; specialty chemicals; electronic and advanced materials; process technology for refining and petrochemicals; and energy efficient products and solutions for homes, business and transportation. The company operates through the following segments: Aerospace; Home & Building Technologies; Performance Materials & Technologies; and Safety & Productivity Solutions. The Aerospace segment provides aircraft engines, integrated avionics, systems and service solutions, and related products and services for aircraft manufacturers, turbochargers to improve the performance and efficiency of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. It also offers spare parts, repair, overhaul and maintenance services like, auxiliary power units, propulsion engines, environmental control systems, wireless connectivity services, electric power systems, engine controls, flight safety, communications, navigation hardware and software, radar and surveillance systems, aircraft lighting, management and technical services, advanced systems and instruments, satellite and space components, aircraft wheels and brakes, repair and overhaul services, turbochargers and thermal systems. The Home & Building Technologies segment provides products, software, solutions and technologies that help owners of homes stay connected and in control of their comfort, security and energy use. Its services include controls and displays for heating, cooling, indoor air quality, ventilation, humidification combustion, lighting and home automation; advanced software applications for building control and optimization; sensors, switches, control systems and instruments for measuring pressure, air flow, temperature and electrical current; products, services and solutions for measurement, regulation, control and metering of gases and electricity; metering and communications systems for water utilities and industries; access control; video surveillance; fire products; remote patient monitoring systems; and installation, maintenance and upgrades of systems that keep buildings safe, comfortable and productive. The Performance Materials & Technologies segment develops and manufactures advanced materials, process technologies and automation solutions. It provides process solutions in automation control, instrumentation, advanced software and related services for the oil and gas, refining, pulp and paper, industrial power generation, chemicals and petrochemicals, biofuels, life sciences, and metals, minerals and mining industries. The Safety & Productivity Solutions segment provides products, software and connected solutions to customer that improves productivity, workplace safety and asset performance. Its products include personal protection equipment and footwear designed for work, play and outdoor activities. It also offers gas detection technology, mobile devices and software for computing, data collection and thermal printing; supply chain and warehouse automation equipment, software and solutions; custom-engineered sensors, switches and controls for sensing and productivity solutions; and software-based data and asset management productivity solutions. Honeywell International was founded by Albert M. Butz in 1885 and is headquartered in Morris Plains, NJ.

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