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Mercury Systems, Inc. is a commercial provider of secure sensor and mission processing subsystems. It specializes in include secure embedded processing modules and subsystems, mission computers, safety-critical avionics, radio frequency components, multi-function assemblies and subsystems. It offer products through the following categories: Components: Modules and Sub-Assemblies; and Integrated Subsystems. The Components segment refers to technology elements typically performing a single, discrete technological function, which when physically combined with other components may be used to create a module or sub-assembly such as power amplifiers and limiters, switches, oscillators, filters, equalizers, digital and analog converters, chips, monolithic microwave integrated circuits, and memory and storage devices. The Module and Sub-Assemblies segment include combinations of multiple functional technology elements and/or components that work together to perform multiple functions but are typically resident on or within a single board or housing. The Integrated Subsystems segment covers multiple modules and subassemblies combined with a backplane or similar functional element and software to enable a solution which is always integrated within a chassis and with cooling, power and other elements to address various requirements and are also often combined with additional technologies for interaction with other parts of a complete system or platform. The company was founded on July 14, 1981 and is headquartered in Andover, MA.

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