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Northrop Grumman Corp. engages in the development and provision of security products and solutions. It operates through the following segments: Aerospace Systems, Mission Systems and Technology Services. The Aerospace Systems segment designs, develops, integrates and produces manned aircraft, autonomous systems, spacecraft, laser systems, microelectronics and other subsystems. It operates through three business areas: Autonomous Systems, which designs, develops, manufactures, and integrates ISR autonomous systems for tactical and strategic missions; Manned Aircraft, which designs, develops, manufactures, and integrates airborne C4ISR, long range strike aircraft systems, tactical aircraft systems and directed energy systems; and Space, which designs, develops, manufactures, and integrates spacecraft systems, subsystems, sensors and communications payloads in support of space C4ISR and science. The Mission Systems segment engages in providing end-to-end mission solutions and multifunction systems for intelligence community, international, federal civil and commercial customers. This segment operates through three business areas: Sensors and Processing, which delivers products, systems and services that support ground-based and airborne fixed and rotary wing platforms with radar, electronic warfare, communications, command and control, signals intelligence, and situational awareness mission systems; Cyber and ISR, which delivers products, systems and services that support full spectrum cyber solutions, space based payload and exploitation systems, space-based C2 and processing systems, and enterprise integration of multi-intelligence mission data across all domains; and Advanced Capabilities, which provides integration and interoperability of net enabled battle management, sensors, targeting and surveillance systems. The Technology Services segment provides logistics solutions supporting the full life cycle of platforms and systems for global defense and federal civil customers. It also operates through three business areas: Global Logistics and Modernization, which provides global logistics support, sustainment, operations and modernization for air, sea and ground systems and weapon system components; Advanced Defense Services, which provides defense and security services, including cyber; network operations and security; system and software modernization; land forces sustainment; and training to strengthen the national security of the U.S. and its allies; and System Modernization and Services, which provides full life cycle information systems modernization and sustainment, primarily in support of civil government agencies. The company was founded by John K. Northrop, Thomas V. Jones, and Kent Kresa in 1939 and is headquartered in Falls Church, VA.

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